Borneo + Neon = Borneon? You might be annoyed by Borneon Run’s marketing buzz all around such as shoutout videos, radio ads, billboards…, I think I kind skip it most of the time. Lol. Well, Borneon Run came out with a massive chaos, traffic congestion and etc last year.

I participated the run last year and perhaps this might be my comments based on my personal experience.

Now, think twice before you join Borneon Run? Nope.

7 reasons:

  1. Too many running events in KK!
    It’s like there will be one of two running event in a month. And, what else can you do before, during and after the run? It’s gonna be the same old thing: flag off – run baby run – reaching the finishing line – got your medal and bye bye. THAT’S IT? Really!?Borneon Run has more decorated stations, more fun elements, extravaganza musics, and party all night with international celebrities and artists. There is no any other local run events are offering right? So think twice.
  2. The fee is way too expensive lah!
    BR 2015 was great. As a result, by looking just only the price for a run comparing to the other runs, BR2016 is more expensive. But, let’s see what they have to offer:
    • Themed night run with decorated stations
    • After Party Concert featuring international celebrity headliners
    • Goodies with vouchers
    • Giveaways campaigns (a brand new car I heard. Yes a car!)
    • Finisher medal
    • Race t-shirt
    • LED Merchandise

Think twice before you join Borneon Run, Think Workshop, Running Events, Likas Sports Complex, Tanjung Lipat, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Chloe Tiffany Lee1

So, does it worth the price? That’s a lot of activities going on there! I think similar event would easily cost more than RM200 in East Malaysia, or you can do the calculation.

  1. Borneon Run’s music really SUCKS?
    Who doesn’t love music? The special tradition that makes Borneon Run the utmost captivating theme run of all time is the happening After Party with a full-fledged concert! Moving the finishing point to Stadium Likas this year, the After Party features DJ Soda, Taboo of Black Eyed Peas, Yuna, Hello Venus, SonaOne which they promise the greatest dynamic live music show ever happened in Sabah! Believe it or not? Now you tell me if it’s sucks.
  2. Not again!? Wake up and prepare at 4am AGAIN?
    I remembered waking up at 3am and prepare for the 5am run. Tough life. But Borneon Run is a night run. So, we don’t need to get our ass getting ready at midnight and flag off before the sunrise! And, what? Sun burned! What sun burned are you talking about if the event is going to start after sunset? Therefore, cross the finishing line, grab some bites and enjoy the After Party! They call this this #LifestyleEventRedefined but I ain’t wanna see you sleeping by the street okay?
  3. It’s tiring lah!
    This is a fun night run where you can walk slowly (if you wish) and not a MUST WIN competition. At the Borneon Run, you’re able to experience different exciting stations as well as elements along 7km and 12km routes (I’m going for 12km). So, run or walk at your own pace while enjoying the excitement of the run because no zombie is chasing after you!
  4. Bushy routes in woods?
    ‘Into The Enchanted Woods’ – seems like we are going to run into a jungle… in KKCity. Haha. Well to be precise, the route/road will be converted into fancy stations with special themed and exciting elements, rather than to be at the real jungle out there. Now, why don’t we praise the organiser’s hardwork in making KK City a better place to run? Probably we are going to explore the mystical woods instead of bushes.
  5. It’s all about the MEDAL.
    Tell me if you have GLOW IN THE DARK Medal in your collection. I don’t think so. Have you ever owned a unique design race tee with pockets for you to put your important stuff while running? BR2016 is also complementing LED products so you could go neon and shine all bright throughout the night! Therefore, go for it!

If your next excuse sentence still starts with “but” after reading this, then stop reading this article now. Come on, be honest with yourself. However, if you are beginning to think that I made a point or two worth thinking about, then do yourself a favour and sign up now See you on 5th November 2016

Oh yes, it is definitely #NotJustAnotherRun