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Travel & Explore By On December 7, 2016

4 days 3 nights in Singapore with SGD200

You must have thought that I am joking-lee, but nope, I am not. My trip to Singapore was totally not in my year end plan. Therefore, there’s no extra budget at all and my birthday is coming, but no matter what, it was one of the best opportunities that I had this year. Now, back to SGD200. Seriously, you know…

SABAH (NORTH BORNEO) / TENOM / Travel & Explore By On June 5, 2013

Exploring Tenom Town, Sabah

Travelled all the way from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom, my main reason is to give my last respect to a friend who just passed away. Tenom is her hometown and I would like to thank her for letting me explore Tenom Town. Tenom is a small town, famous with its Agriculture and one of the tribes in Sabah which is the…

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