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Media girl on the move – Sunset Music Fest 2016 Press Conference

Lucky to have all our trainees in the company these days, without them, we will not be having a press conference full house! I know that feeling of faxing and calling. Haha. Now, back to handling press conferences as usual, we got to meet up some of the familiar faces of the media and press. Kawanku! 11 days more to…

KUDAT / SABAH (NORTH BORNEO) / Travel & Explore By On May 28, 2010

Kudat, the Northern Tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau

Ask the locals and the answer will be the same. “What to do and Where to go in Kudat?” Trust me, the answer will be: 1. The Bee Farm 2. The Gong Factory 3. The Long House 4. The Tip of Borneo These are the major and MUST-VISIT tourist attraction in Kudat. You’ll never miss out anyone of this. But, the…

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