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EVENTS By On June 27, 2016

Think twice before you join Borneon Run?

Borneo + Neon = Borneon? You might be annoyed by Borneon Run’s marketing buzz all around such as shoutout videos, radio ads, billboards…, I think I kind skip it most of the time. Lol. Well, Borneon Run came out with a massive chaos, traffic congestion and etc last year. I participated the run last year and perhaps this might be…

Travel & Explore By On April 28, 2014

New jogging & cycling track at Coastal Road, Tanjung Lipat Likas

*New running and cycling track in town Running has always been in my life since primary. I remember that I used to compete in the sports games in school until I was in the secondary. To tell the truth, I can’t run 400m but I was selected to compete in the 100m sprint. Until I moved to college… I stopped…

Travel & Explore By On March 27, 2012

New Running Track at Perdana Park

Healthy Lifestyle starts from the beginning. Most of the people would prefer to go to the gym; some people still prefer the old ways. For me, I love outdoor exercises. This is a really nice jogging track at Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru. You guys should check this place out. Their night view is wonderful, IF only there is full moon, it…

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