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SABAH (NORTH BORNEO) / Travel & Explore / TUARAN By On January 5, 2017

Sabandar Leisure Rides, Tuaran

During the holidays, we took a chance to explore a new place called Sabandar Leisure RIDES, a place where you can take a leisure horse ride or have a walk at the mangrove park (bet you didn’t expect that). While most of us only see cowboys and their places in the movies, Sabandar Leisure RIDES designed to bring the cowboy scene…

Arts and Culture / EVENTS By On February 2, 2015

Fragments of Nature by Adrian Ho (Art Exhibition)

The Malaysian natural heritage – rainforest, mountain, rivers and the sea- allows me the platform to explore its many physical forms and sensory nuances; the impact of human habitation and cultural influence; contemporary preoccupation and concerns; and my personal relationship with it. Physically large and visually relatively accessible, my paintings invite contemplation and participation; conjure up curiosity and catalyst for…

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