Edited Jan 17, 2018 – Roots is closed now. I will update on their next move or what will be the next outlet.

I thought it was Adelphi & Co
Or, some people don’t even notice even though they passed by almost every day. When the café was still undergoing renovations, I kinda saw a banner promoting  Adelphi & Co and it turns me down because knowing the price at Adelphi broke my heart. But don’t get me wrong. I do visit Adelphi, but not a regular yet.

Still, Roots is still belongs to Adelphi & Co, but with a different twist, which we all love it!

Woke up early to attend an important meeting of the week despite of Public Holiday. Such cases like this must be attended immediately and we did. At first I did not confirm my attendance because I’m super scared that I couldn’t wake up, but hey I did! And, the first thing I did was to text my colleagues that “I am coming in 5 mins”.

Greeted everyone, sat down, and all started to fill my brain with words. Headache, took notes and repeat their words to make sure I get all points. The only thing I requested was, I need a laptop. Lol.

I’ve always been ever-ready and typed the statements on my phone. In fact, it’s always better to write on a big screen. So I asked them to give me few hours.


First thing first
I need a place to write and clear my migraine. Thinking of a place that you can find at Gaya Street it’s like – where?! As I was thinking of a suitable café to clear my headache, I came across a small, newly opened café just right opposite my work place – Woot.


My first experience
First impression is always important; especially when you’re in KK City. I didn’t go for a full meal so I tried their bread. It’s valuable!

To be honest
Probably it’s not the time to try their mains yet. One of my friend’s tried it and she commented about it.
But, breads – YES! Go for Cinnamon with Sugar! Read my Instagram post above for more details!