*New running and cycling track in town

Running has always been in my life since primary. I remember that I used to compete in the sports games in school until I was in the secondary. To tell the truth, I can’t run 400m but I was selected to compete in the 100m sprint. Until I moved to college… I stopped most of my sports activities.

Last year, I have joined the Borneo International Marathon, that is an annual event in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It is held in May mostly. Last year was my first and ever marathon; my friends and I decided to go for 21km. With our busy schedule, we didn’t have a strict training until the marathon day. Dead. Jelly. You name it.

This year, I started early. Consider early I guess. Started to train since 1st March and still continuing because I don’t want to feel my jelly legs again! That was a horrible feeling. My colleagues in the Sabah Tourism Board encourage me to join their training for almost 2 weeks and finally I joined them today. The run starts from Sabah Tourism Board building. Rie and I decided to do 8km while the rest did up to 10km and 12km. Wicked!

In the beginning, Rie and I was suppose to do 7km but don’t know why something is pulling us to move forward. So we add up another 500m. Fair enough, we stopped for a while to enjoy the perfect view of Tanjung Lipat. Look at our faces! The healthy faces we call it. 

Back on track. I was lucky to have Rie with me actually. She pushes me when I stopped running and I did continue without any stops (apart from taking these pictures)! I was quite surprised of my capability. As suggested, Rie wanted to spice things up by adding a little print to our training. Running fast, I feel the freedom once again. And, stop. We continue our journey back to Sabah Tourism Board building and ended with a long stretching session with the group.

What a run!
Another beautiful sunset picture dedicated to all my readers 🙂  Taken during the run. 
Hope you all like it – the best of Sabah.