Inspired by the tragic Lahad Datu incident that took place in 2013, Natagak Om Iumon (translation: Lost and Finding) is a story is told from the viewpoint of Inspector Sunny, a policeman who was arrested for withholding information pertinent to the stand-off.

Natagak Om Iumon, Green Leaf Theatre House, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Chloe Tiffany Lee

Due to the unique venue, Green Leaf Theatre House will stage their very first experimental moving theatre production. Unlike previous productions, Natagak Om Iumon is highly interactive, allowing you – the audience – to truly immerse yourself in the story.

Language: English
* This is fictional play inspired by the true events.

o 13, 14 & 15 February
o 8.00pm (doors open: 7.30pm)
Sabah Art Gallery, Kota Kinabalu
o RM25 (normal price)
RM20 (members only)

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