Catch the featured ethnic groups including the Kadazan Penampang, Dusun Liwan of Ranau, Bajau Sama, Suluk Sandakan and Dusun Tambunan among many others to perform and display their culture and musical traditions at this year’s Sabah Fest 2016.

The authentic Medtemu Sumirid dance is originally by the Dusun Liwan from Ranau.

When there is a dispute among the Ranau Dusun people, the Medtemu dance is often performed. The word Medtemu means ‘a meeting to settle disputes’. In the old days, the dance is performed when celebrating the departure of warriors to battlefields or men going on a hunt. Both men and women perform the Medtemu and the basis of this dance is the act of separating rice from its husks by feet, known as Sumirid.

This dance is performed to a gong beat called the siri-siri petinduk. In this dance, the men wear a vest made of tree bark while the women dress in an intricately embroidered garment called sinambayaka. The women also don a headgear known as sinurundoi or sunduk. Today, the dance is performed during social occasions and as well as the Harvest Festival or Ka’amatan.

Dusun Liwan, Ranau

Photo by Sabah Tourism Board/ Sri Pelancongan Sabah

The most anticipated cultural extravaganza musical stage performance of Sabah Fest 2016 Gulu Gulu – A Tribute to the Past musical performance will be held from April 29th to May 1st this year, at the Auditorium Complex, National Department For Culture And Arts, Sabah (JKKN Sabah) starting at 8:00pm on all three nights. In addition, this three-day event will also highlight the different ethnics in Sabah through traditional food and handicraft showcase from 5:00pm to 10:00pm at the event ground.

Don’t miss this annual premier event, showcasing Sabah’s vibrant cultural heritage, history and tradition in the form of thrilling theatrical performances, dance and music. Find out more at