Organising events have always been my passion – I like to be busy. To organise a flea market is one of my wishes since erm way back when I was still in college. I remember those days where I carried a big luggage of pre-loved clothes, dresses and fashion accessories to Megalong on most weekends with another friend of mine, Kimberly. We were there to sell our most beloved – it’s a love-hate relationship to give them away!

But to ease our pain, letting go our pre-loved can help those with budgets.

The thoughts that counts
I recalled back how we ended up having a flea market. It was an expected plan which Cassie and I had a normal chat and complaints about God knows what – “I can’t fit my dresses and my wardrobe is full!”

Well, this lead to a good reason to organise a flea market.

First timer
Since this was our first-ever flea market, we planned to keep it less which we opened to friends and colleagues who has the same first world problem. Surprisingly, turns out great! We have 10 booths, selling baby goods, adult and young fashion and books. We have not opened to sell food yet, perhaps the next.

Valuable items
Things that we bought first hand are not chapalang one. Haha. Some of us sold off our amazing books that shows a wide interest from travel to fengshui, unique travel goods that we bought overseas and more. I wonder will there be a hit if we sell furniture? Anyways.

You heard us
We reached out to many unfamiliar faces to visit our little humble event. Shop owners who are nearby came to check us out and even bought a little gift for their grandchildren and daugthers. From one event, we hope to have more coming up! Follow us for more.



Before that,

Ouch. Feels like jumping into the pool now.

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