Can’t believe receiving a simple postcard can be overwhelming. I was shocked because it wasn’t on my table in the morning, but it popped out after lunch time. Happy! Thanks Murphy!

(Oh yea. Too good for birthday trip, right?)

Everyone is waiting for Mount Kinabalu to reopen for climbing. Who doesn’t? It’s our life.

Rie and Murphy my super travel buddy have tried the new summit trail last week when I was still in Canada. Knowing that the weather is perfect for their climb on that day has already enlighten my evening at my cousin’s wedding (14 Nov, 6:48pm Canada | 15 Nov, 6:48am Sabah). Such a beautiful view of our majestic Mount Kinabalu, sceneries and natural wonders from high up at the mountain, I have the urge to climb the mountain too. Despite enjoying the cold weather in Canada, I can feel them…

Mount Kinabalu after earthquake, Dec 1, 2015 by Murphy Ng. Chloe Tiffany Lee

Picture credit to Murphy Ng.

On the next day, they started their journey again at 4:00am and reached the summit at 8:40am. It took a longer time for them as they are the people behind most of the pictures who snapped each and every single picture at different degree and position. It really takes time and effort, but passion is everything. Btw, heard that they had wonderful sunrise shots and I can’t wait to see the outcome! Selected pictures will be used for Sabah Tourism Board ( promotion purposes including Sabah Malaysian Borneo – maybe after my climb in 2016?

200 meters longer than the old trail, the new Ranau trail is bit challenging, but you will get another nice view of Ranau.

Now back to the postcard. Well, YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! Proud to announce that we have the South East Asia’s highest postbox here at Pendant Hut (3,289m), Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. So why not send a little care and thoughts back to your love ones?