As I said, I always believe the ladies will fall in love with desserts. Or, everyone will have 2nd tummy for desserts. Now, I have a little secret to tell. I came across with one of the best coffee places where it is situated in Kolombong, where it is the most busy and lots of factories there in that area (Yes, I am telling the truth). Traffic jams are crazy there! But anyway, it’s worth to visit Santola Bar Café IF ONLY YOU LOVE COFFEE. Otherwise, don’t waste your time driving all the way from the town.

Santola Bar Café is operated by Kopi Cap Kuda. It is a factory and they provide coffee making classes. So, get ready your hands and mind to learn something new there. 
So I have ordered one of my favourite items from the menu. It was delicious! Imagine hot espresso and look how the fluid flows from the top of the vanilla ice cream to the bottom of the tall glass. It’s espresso by the way. Look at how it is done by visiting their Facebook page.