What’s your special memory here at Mamutik Island?

Returning to Mamutik Island reminds me of the days when I joined the international pageant competition. Seriously, it was one of the best yet unforgettable memories I ever had… Most of us took the Open Water Course with Borneo Divers Training Institute as they sponsored.

Under the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, a cluster of islands comprising Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, and Pulau Sulug. By the way, the word “Pulau” means island in Malay language. Now, when choosing which island to go to among the 5 at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, I would say it’s almost the same now.

Duration to reach the island from KK City = 10 to 15 minutes

Where can you find a destination that enables you to explore the 5 islands within 15 minutes like Kota Kinabalu offer? Super lucky citizens of Kota Kinabalu like myself are good to go for a short trip, even without any plans!

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“Pulau Mamutik will always be my first choice due to its traffic. Also, for its beautiful corals and fish. It’s wonderful. Or maybe because I took my PADI diving license here on this island and that is why it makes me feels like home.”, I stated this in 2012. However, I re-visited the island recently and it was quite shocking.

How to go to Mamutik Island?

  1. Jesselton Point (Boat schedule: By agreement)
  2. Sutera Marina Jetty (Boat schedule: Every hour)


What can you do on Mamutik Island?
Basically straight forward. When you go to an island, you swim, dive, eat, have fun and relax.

Dive: Yes, you can dive in Mamutik Island – Once you reached the island, walk to your right and you will find Borneo Divers Training Institute. You can ask someone to assist you from there. Prices might be in a range of RM250 to RM300. Of course, according to how many divers and boat dives you requests. If you do dive, don’t forget to bring along your underwater camera. You don’t want to miss a memory underwater.

Water Sports/ Snorkelling: If water sport is your cup of tea, you may contact any local tour companies for more information regarding the water sport activities that available. There are some local companies on the island selling packages like sea walking and etc., but do get the ones with the license, to prevent anything unnecessary happened. Snorkelling? You can do it at any time of the day.

Foods and drinks at the island?
I guess you got to catch some fish for your lunch! Nah. We do not allow people to catch fish here. For convenience, there is a small café and you can ask for anything a-la carte. Or, there is a convenient shop beside it. But seriously, nothing fancy. So to speak, bring your own finger food or junk food!

Can we stay in Mamutik Island?
Well, there’s no chalet there to be honest. However, travelers are allowed to camp with own equipment. Register at the Sabah Park counter on the island. BUT, if you are planning to camp in a big group, then you need to make a reservation at Sabah Parks’s Head Office which is located at KK Times Square.

Hah! This is important when it comes to traveling. The toilet is an orange building on the left side of the island. Be prepared to wait for your turn! There is NO hot water for shower, NO tissue being prepared. So remember to bring your own toiletries.
If you want to bring any alcohol like beer, liquor or wine to the island, best to get it from the town before depart to any island. It’s cheaper that way. Locals like me do this all the time. And If you saw someone or some group of friends who brought foods, they are the friendly locals.