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Arts and Culture / EVENTS / KOTA KINABALU / SABAH (NORTH BORNEO) By On August 2, 2017

Retrospective Exhibition: Remembering Tina Rimmer 1917-2017

1st August marks Tina Rimmer’s 100th birthday, which will be celebrated with the launched of a three month long (until December 2017) Retrospective Exhibition of her works at the Sabah Art Gallery. This Retrospective Exhibition: ‘Remembering Tina Rimmer 1917-2017’ will showcase more than 200 of Tina’s work produced between 1948 and 2013 comprises art pieces ranging from portraits, animals, to…

Arts and Culture / EVENTS By On October 7, 2016

Attending the 31st Sabah Annual Art Selection Award Night 2016

Had a long day setting up for Borneo Eco Film Festival as the event is on Saturday! At the meantime, I have received an invitation from the Sabah Cultural Board/ Sabah Art Gallery to attend one the most notable events of the year – the 31st Sabah Annual Art Selection Award Night. So excited!   This is my second time…

Arts and Culture By On April 21, 2016

Magarang cultural dance of Dusun Tambunan

Magarang is performed by the Dusun of Tambunan. The Magarang ritual is usually held to commemorate the harvest festival and weddings, although traditionally, the Magarang was also associated with headhunting. Normally, the sopogandangan beat by the gongs were played to accompany the Magarang ritual, but slower in tempo. In Tambunan, the sopogandangan has more instruments (nine-eight gongs and one drum)…

Arts and Culture By On April 21, 2016

Cultural Dance: Medtemu Sumirid

In the old days, the Medtemu Sumirid dance is performed when celebrating the departure of warriors to battlefields or men going on a hunt. Both men and women perform the Medtemu and the basis of this dance is the act of separating rice from its husks by feet, known as Sumirid.

Arts and Culture / EVENTS By On February 2, 2015

Fragments of Nature by Adrian Ho (Art Exhibition)

The Malaysian natural heritage – rainforest, mountain, rivers and the sea- allows me the platform to explore its many physical forms and sensory nuances; the impact of human habitation and cultural influence; contemporary preoccupation and concerns; and my personal relationship with it. Physically large and visually relatively accessible, my paintings invite contemplation and participation; conjure up curiosity and catalyst for…

Arts and Culture / Travel & Explore By On July 4, 2014

Kadaiku™ model bah ni.

Who’s that girl!? I haven’t talked about my working experience here right? Well, we can make it another day to talk about it! Now let me focus another thing here, which also related to my work. I used to model for clothes and trained people to walk (wanna see my pictures? 😛 ). But then I didn’t continue much on…

Arts and Culture By On May 24, 2014

Bead-Making with Magic Borneo Beads by Eleanor Goroh!

The first time when I did my first handmade bead bracelet was in February and today is the second attempt to do another new bracelet and a necklace for myself. Tough, but I will do my best to learn. Happening in The Sabah Society, there were about 10 of us who joined the workshop. The class starts at 2:00pm and…

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