The Borneo Eco Film Festival is an annual event celebrating Borneo’s biocultural diversity through showcasing environmental films and nurturing local community filmmaking. The festival includes;

  • Environmental Cinema (exclusive premieres of local and international eco films)
  • Suara Publika (workshops, talks, and fringe screening at different locations before the main festival)
  • Boleh Bah Filem Kita! (short film competition)

All year-round, we have;

  • Suara Community Filmmaking Programme (by invitation only)

All free and open to the public. Find out more on


As the Board Member, I focused on a few elements or sections;

  • Overlook the festival as a whole
  • Venue Management (Close liaison with managerial and technical staff of the confirmed venue)
  • Brand Development (Advertising, Marketing, Overseeing placement of all promotional materials, Merchandise)
  • Logistic Management (Set-up, Transportation, Accommodation, People, Safety, Materials and Equipments)
  • Volunteer Management
  • Overseeing the Theater Attendances
  • Social Media traffic growth
  • Developed brand strategy and statistics systems
  • In charge of all media concerned
  • Liaising with partners

Brief history:
I joined the Borneo Eco Film Festival in year 2012 as the Logistic Manager, also the Social Media Manager)

Shout out to all volunteers who helped in preparing the #BEFF2016 decorations, set up and during the film festival. Without you guys, things will not be smooth. BEFF truly thankful to have you all. Though I am strict or fierce (you can say anything, but let me know ahhhh) even though just by reading my text, I believe this is a learning point for everyone of you which few of you did tell me "Life lessons"? Lol hahaha. Teaching you guys from how to promote at different stations to being aware of the surrounding and ushering audiences, it was totally awesome because everyone of you are eager to learn. Knowing that most of you are new (besides Russell, Nurlyn and Ryan), I understand that at certain point you are struggling but did your best. No matter what, I'm happy to have all of you who put your commitments as a volunteer. Nonetheless, let's look forward to the next #BorneoEcoFilmFestival! Continue to spread the love for #BEFF! @suriasabahofficial #filmfestival #Borneo #Sabah #filmmaker #film #community #NGO #MELAPI #KotaKinabalu #event #youth #filmmaking #volunteer

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