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Restaurants and Cafes By On October 15, 2016

Roots by Adelphi & Co

I thought it was Adelphi & Co Or, some people don’t even notice even though they passed by almost every day. When the café was still undergoing renovations, I kinda saw a banner promoting  Adelphi & Co and it turns me down because knowing the price at Adelphi broke my heart. But don’t get me wrong. I do visit Adelphi, but…

Arts and Culture / EVENTS By On October 7, 2016

Attending the 31st Sabah Annual Art Selection Award Night 2016

Had a long day setting up for Borneo Eco Film Festival as the event is on Saturday! At the meantime, I have received an invitation from the Sabah Cultural Board/ Sabah Art Gallery to attend one the most notable events of the year – the 31st Sabah Annual Art Selection Award Night. So excited!   This is my second time…

Restaurants and Cafes By On September 10, 2016

Choose Your Favourite Pancakes at Pancake House International, Jalan Pantai

You must be thinking why am I holding a plate of burger in a pancake house. Well, it’s not only pancake that you can find in the Pancake House International, there’s a lot more. Beginning of September 2016, the Pancake House International extended their business to the most busiest town area, Jalan Pantai (near Gaya Street) – same row as Maybank, opposite Little Italy…

Restaurants and Cafes / Travel & Explore By On August 29, 2016

Where to eat in #Kudat, #Sabah?

沙巴古达 Kudat is such a small and friendly town. In fact, it was the first capital of North Borneo (now Sabah) before the famous Sandakan and Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu). Don’t be surprised to know that! Now, back to the food business. It’s always a headache to think, “What to eat?” most of the time, especially when it comes to traveling…

Travel & Explore By On August 19, 2016

Road trip to Mondikot Deer Camp, Papar #Sabah

I ride a deer. No, I did not! Quad bike, yes. I took the chance to check out Mondikot Deer Camp at Papar area, which is all about camping and eating deer (if you like). Don’t worry, these are Australian deer that the owner kept for years.   A night at Mondikot Deep Camp: City dwellers, why not plan for…

Travel & Explore By On August 19, 2016

One night Retreat at Mitraville Retreat Centre, Kundasang, #Sabah

Down with terrible sick, but HEY, I’m back. I had a terrible fever since last Friday and it just keeps coming back until today. I have no idea how I got it, but it strikes on Friday night when my body heat started to rise. My fever comes and goes and a killer headache just on my left side that…

KOTA KINABALU / SABAH (NORTH BORNEO) / Travel & Explore By On July 6, 2016

Need gardening supplies? Visit The Stone Shop at Donggongon by-pass

Out of the blue, my niece and I was trying to find The Stone Shop. Well, currently both of us are into cactus and succulents. Therefore, we tried to find the best place to buy our garden stuffs. This shop was highly recommended by my aunt; my niece’s grandaunt. HA! Googling online helps. But, the drive didn’t. We passed The Stone…

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