You must have thought that I am joking-lee, but nope, I am not. My trip to Singapore was totally not in my year end plan. Therefore, there’s no extra budget at all and my birthday is coming, but no matter what, it was one of the best opportunities that I had this year.

Now, back to SGD200.

Seriously, you know what happened to the currency nowadays. The rate was 3.06 4 days before I arrived Singapore and it was increased to 3.14 on the first day I touched down Singapore. Big difference eh? In just 4 days! Lucky me.

Bear in mind that the SGD200 is not including hotel and flight thought. It was just for transportation, food and entertainment (+shopping).

How did I survive with only SGD200 in my pocket?

Touched down at Changi Airport Singapore and we took a taxi. It cost about SGD28 to the hotel that we stayed at Bencoolen. When I said we, means I’m not alone! So that’s another way to save cost or share the cost when you’re in a tight budget. (eg. calculation: SGD28 ÷ 2 = SGD14 per person).

When traveling, always remember what you need and want. Food is what we need. So, better keep some money for food.

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Always always travel with a positive mind. Since you have changed your cash to SGD, for sure you have limited yourself on buying things. Make a budget to spend per day. It helps.



I like to try out finger foods and delicious desserts and cafes.

Like me, you can set a limit where you spend a total of amount that you can spend on a good meal. Let’s make it SGD25 per day and the rest is just a normal meal.

Breakfast in Singapore? Laksa. Teehee #food #travel #Singapore #laksa

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In Singapore, there are meals that cost SGD3 per bowl. Don’t convert back to Malaysian Ringgit because it will cost about the same back home right?. At least, people who work and earn SGD,  are able to spend SGD3 for a good meal that filled up their tummy.

Don’t starve yourself when you’re traveling. You just need to know places.



The undergrounds are helpful. Get a EZLINK Underground card for SGD12 and you will be traveling to places with an Adult Fare that cost cheaper than purchasing single trip cards at the machines. I managed to go places like Marina Bay, Orchard Road and Bugis. There are more than enough things to do at these places.


Unless you wanna explore more and have more time to spend.

As I mentioned earlier, my taxi from Changi Airport to Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen cost SGD14. On my last day in Singapore, we took a taxi from the hotel to Changi Airport for SGD18 (which means SGD9 per person).

So for transportation: SGD14 + SGD12 + SGD9 = SGD35



You know this is somewhat optional for some. In most of my travel, I have a MUST-BUY list.. So, I limit SGD50 for souvenirs and those were Chocolates and some cute gifts such as keychains.

Tips! Liquors are super cheap in Changi Airport.

And that’s about it!

Do share or tell me the least budget you ever had to spend in Singapore.

Would love to add up to my ideas on re-visiting Singapore.